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This is the little part of my site where I recommend one particular fic I find extrememly hillarious, well-written, romantic, or just plain worth reading. It's something new I added September of 2002 in order to help out some of my fanfiction.net author buddies get some extra recognition (even though most of them don't need it)


Title: Street Livin'
Category: X-men
Genre: Drama/Angst, Alternate Universe
Couple: Rogue/Remy
Rating: PG-13, primarily for mature themes.

Bethany Darkholme is the ten-year-old daughter of Raven Darkholme and stepdaughter of Victor Creed, both mutants. Unable to withstand the abuse of her stepfather any longer, she runs away and is left in an alley to starve for 4 days until a young boy by the name of Remy LeBeau saves her, agreeing to take the little girl under his wing and teacher how to survive the streets. All seems to be going well...until Remy's powers suddenly manifest. Luckily for him, Rogue has a brother named Kurt who lives at the Xavier institute, a place where they could help. But no sooner do they come for Remy, when ROGUE'S powers make an appearance...the story continues on from there. You wanna know what happens? Read it for yourself!

Why it was Recommended
Disturbed Courtney, the author, does an incredible job of describing a complete alternate universe of everyone's beloved characters, reducing Rogue and Remy's ages to young children and still making it fit. Characterization is perfect, the plot couldn't be smoother, and each chapter features a good amouth of Rogue/Remy kawaiiness. I can't begin to describe how much I love this fic, it's my favorite X-men story of all time...almost better than the cannon version!

And now...on to my own work!


[The setting is a *seemingly* small room almost completely void of light. All around, we see a shadowy darkness, otherwise known as The Void. No one except the Authoress, herself, knows exactly what lies in these shadows...although Duo often tries to find out. There is but one source of light. The single, solitary beam of vision shines down upon the center of the room, where an unusually-short, wooden desk lays. On this desk, we see three computers--one, used for chatting and web conversation; another, used for research and fanfiction-reading; and the third, for writing fanfics. Other itmes include minor Authoress-necessities (including an entire drawer filled with sugar-snacks and drinks). Rather than the usual office desk chair, a black beanbag rests in it's place--what can I say; those things are SO much more confortable! A young girl around 16 years old sits in this chair. It's this young girl who writes the fanfictions you read here, as well as possibly other websites as well. Her name is ~J.C.~, short for Jennie-chan, but here you may call her DragonBlond 04....]

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